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High-precision pump for coating machines

Heishin PC Pumps for Coating



  • Heishin PC Pumps for coating are optimal for coating processes that demand strict dispensing precision.

High-accuracy dispensing

High-accuracy dispensing of everything from solvent coating fluid to electrode slurries.

Easy disassembly and cleaning

The reduced number of components means maintenance can be performed quickly, contributing greatly to improving work efficiency.

Reducing material loss

By using slim casing, the volume is cut down by around 30%. Contributes to reducing material loss.

A specialized device (a flow stabilizer) to control minute pressure fluctuations
when dispensing fluids equipped as standard

Controls minute pressure fluctuations

Flow stabilizer

  • Pipe-integrated construction with no air required.
  • Small volume for instant response.
  • Straight structure for easy cleaning.
  • Available in 3 sizes to fit the pump.

Parts with excellent durability and a long service life


Available in stainless steel and alumina (Al₂O₃) excellent at wear resistance and solvent resistance and insulation, etc.


Available in EPDM, NBR or FKM excellent at wear resistance, FFKM or PTFE for solvent resistance, and so on.

Flexible rod

The structure has no sliding members, with fewer parts.


Standard model
Type NHL


Discharge volume : 0.5〜15 L/min

Small capacity model
Type 2NBL


Discharge volume : 6.9〜1839 mL/min

Direct tank connection model with no shaft seal
Type NTC


Discharge volume : 0.5〜15 L/min

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