ProductsHeishin Flex Filling System

Filling systems combining Heishin PC Pumps,
Heishin JAST Valves, and controllers


  • High-accuracy metered filling, from flowable fluids to high-viscosity fluids and even fluids containing solids and bubbles.
  • Easy settings for filling volume and speed.
  • Heishin JAST Valves offer dripless performance for keeping workplaces clean.

Heishin PC Pumps are non-pulsating, calm and constant dispensing, with a capacity flow rate proportional to rotational speed. Utilizing these features, selection, based on the intended purpose, of either the positive-displacement (TF) that performs filling control with rotational speed or the weight-filling (WF) that measures the amount is possible.

We can offer the best solution for each fluid, container, and filling process.

Heishin PC Pumps
Heishin JAST Valves

Combination examples

Fills by suction of fluid directly from drums and other deep containers.

  • Performs suction by direct submersion in a drum or other container.
  • Allows for dripless metered filling.

Filling volume : 15〜250 mL/shot
Filling speed : 10〜1500 mL/s

Metered filling of fluids containing high-viscosity fluids or solids.

  • Allows for metered filling of non-flowable fluids thanks to the wide suction inlet and screw in the casing.

Filling volume : 15〜360 mL/shot
Filling speed : 15〜1700 mL/s

Filling for small lot production of many products.
NVL-TF (tabletop model)

Pumps with integrated hopper can make minimal residual fluid, suitable for small lot production of many products.

  • This model allows for use of fluid in the hopper without waste. No shaft seal makes for easy disassembly and cleaning.

Filling volume : 15〜60 mL/shot
Filling speed : 4〜300 mL/s

High accuracy and high-speed filling of a small volume

  • Accurate flow control of a capacity flow rate as small as 0.03 ml. Heishin offers a varied product lineup to accommodate a wide variety of applications and liquidities.

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Discharge rate : 0.03〜85 mL/s
Discharge accuracy : ±0.01〜±0.64 mL

Filling examples

Condensed milk, liquid egg, honey, jelly, jam, fish paste, pastry dough, coarse bean paste, minced meat, mozuku seaweed, fillings for Chinese dumplings, potato salad, macaroni gratin
Adhesives, ink, Vaseline, varnish, putty
Cream, lotions, milk lotions, shampoo, conditioner

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