ProductsGeneral-purpose Series

Standard model capable of non-pulsating, metered conveyance

Type NE
A basic model (selectable driving unit) capable of handling a variety of fluids


  • This model can perform non-pulsating, metered conveyance of everything from flowable fluids to high-viscosity fluids and high-concentration fluids with fluidity, slurry and more.
  • A variety of driving units can be selected to suit the intended environment and capabilities.


Discharge volume : 0.06〜155 m³/h
Discharge pressure : MAX 7.2 MPa

Conveyance examples

Miso paste, malted rice, soy sauce mash, syrup, bittern, nori seaweed
Emulsions, latex, agricultural chemical ingredients, ink, sealants, solvents, mold-releasing agents, heavy oil, concentrated sulfuric acid, various chemicals
Electrical machinery
Epoxy resin, silicone resin, urethane resin, ammonia, sodium hydroxide, pure water
Coating color, pulp, dye, viscous agents, calcium carbonate, talc
Sludge, unprocessed human waste, activated carbon slurry, slaked lime slurry, polymers (polymer coagulants), lubricants

Other types

A basic model (integrated driving unit) capable of handling a variety of fluids.

Discharge volume : 0.06〜41 m³/h
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.8 MPa

Type NY / NYT

Wide-open inlet (with screw) for non-flowable fluids.

Discharge volume : 0.02〜10.1 m³/h
Discharge pressure : MAX 1.6 MPa

Type NYS

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