ProductsHygienic Series

Sanitary models with easy disassembly/cleaning and
high maintainability

Type NHL-F
A sanitary basic model


  • Featuring a significantly reduced number of parts that come into contact with fluid.
  • Easier than ever to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Comes standard with flexible metal rods. Jointless between rotor and drive shaft for long service life.
  • Any driving unit is available, including inverters, servo motors, and others.
  • CIP (cleaning in place) types are also available.


Discharge volume : 0.5〜235 L/min
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.8 MPa

Conveyance examples

Condensed milk, honey, milk, jam, yogurt, concentrated fruit juice, mayonnaise, ketchup, various drinks
Emulsions, ink, adhesives
Cream, milk lotions, shampoo, lipstick, surfactants, polymers
Electrical machinery
Positive/negative electrode materials for rechargeable batteries, electrolyte
Coating color, pulp, dye, viscous agents, calcium carbonate, talc

Other types

A sanitary model with wide suction inlet and built-in screw in the casing

Discharge volume : 0.6〜143 L/min
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.8 MPa


The hopper-integrated model with no shaft seal makes for easy disassembly and cleaning.

Discharge volume : 0.5〜179 L/min
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.8 MPa

Type NVL

A compact model with an overall short length.

Discharge volume : 0.5〜13.2 L/min
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.8 MPa

Type NHL-G

Model capable of being inserted directly into containers such as drums.

Discharge volume : 0.4〜246 L/min
Discharge pressure : MAX 0.8 MPa

Type NTH-F

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