Heishin PC Pump

Heishin Drum Pump System

Powerful pumps extract ultra-high-viscosity fluid from drums and convey it in a metered flow

Heishin Drum Pump System

Extracts high-viscosity fluid directly from various containers, contributing to the automation and streamlining of processes

Heishin Drum Pump System


  • Extracts high-viscosity fluids from containers using powerful suction and pumps with high discharge pressure. Fluid transfers can be automated while reducing the risk of foreign matter contamination from external sources thanks to airtight conveyance.
  • One-stop solution for non-pulsating, metered conveyance of fluids with different viscosities. Flow rate control is done simply to aid coordinated control with subsequent processes such as filling and mixing.
  • Supports a variety of containers, including drums and pails, as well as non-standard containers. Fluid is suctioned while scraping it off the inner wall of the container, which reduces material loss.



Discharge volume 0.5 to 40 L/min
Discharge pressure Max. 0.8 MPa

Special containers:

Discharge volume 0.3 to 58 L/min
Discharge pressure Max. 2.4 MPa


Discharge volume Max. 1.7 L/min
Discharge pressure Max. 3.6 MPa

Applicable fluids

Food: Strawberry paste, Tomato paste, Mayonnaise, Hamburger patty ingredients, Sake lees, Miso paste, Candy, Honey, Butter, Cheese, Chocolate, Bread dough
Chemical: Silicone resin, Epoxy resin, Urethane resin, Vaseline, Ointment, Paint, Pigment, Ink, Sealants, Putty, Glass paste
Automotive: Grease, Adhesive
Cosmetics: Beauty cream, Emulsion, Shampoo, Conditioner, Surfactant