Heishin PC Pump

Heishin Flex Filling System

Metered filling systems combining Heishin PC Pumps, Heishin JAST Valves, and controllers

Heishin Flex Filling System

Metered filling machine that combines the outstanding performance of Heishin PC Pumps with fluid-controlling Heishin JAST Valves and controllers

Heishin Flex Filling System

Product Lineup

Filling machine that extracts fluid directly from drums and other containers.
Filling machine that conveys high-viscosity fluids and fluids that contain solids in metered flow.
Filling machine for varied, small-amount filling.


  • Supports diverse types of fluids, from high-viscosity fluids to fluids containing fiber, solids and/or bubbles. No agitation or shearing---Conveys and fills fluids in metered flow without compromising their quality.
  • Heishin JAST Valves provide good fluid control, ensuring that containers and surroundings remain clean.
  • One shot can fill from 50 g to several tens of kilos. The wide range of supported fill volumes provides a one-stop system which does not require filling machines to be changed whenever the fill volume is altered.

Applicable fluids

Food: Condensed milk, Liquid egg, Honey, Jelly, Jam, Fish paste, Pastry and cake dough, Coarse red bean paste, Minced meat, Mozuku, Dumpling filling, Potato salad, Macaroni gratin
Chemical: Adhesive, Ink, Vaseline, Varnish, Putty
Cosmetics: Cream, Skin toner, Emulsion, Shampoo, Conditioner


Heishin Flex Filling System 1

Metered filling of kimchi paste with good fluid control.

Heishin Flex Filling System 2

Metered filling of yogurt with fruit pulp without damage to solids.

Heishin Flex Filling System 3

Metered filling of marmalade without damage to solids.

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