High-precision conveyance solutions supporting state-of-the-art manufacturing

Heishin PC Pumps are used in a variety of industries including the food industry, where they handle fluids including carbonic acid, solids, fiber, and similar materials; the automotive industry, where they are used to apply high-viscosity adhesives and grease; and the battery and electronics industries, where a high degree of controllability is required.

Heishin's non-pulsating, metered conveyance solutions support the new shape of manufacturing.


Heishin's solutions support manufacturing of various foods that involve high-viscosity fluids, fluids with low fluidity, fluids containing solids, fiber and/or bubbles, and fluids with delicate textures and/or flavors.


Rechargeable lithium-ion battery manufacturing requires high-viscosity fluids, such as positive/negative electrode materials, and high-concentration slurries, to be conveyed in a non-pulsating, metered flow. Heishin's solutions are used in demanding processes such as those that supply coating fluid to the coater.

Electronic and Electrical Equipment

Heishin's solutions contribute to takt time reduction and quality improvement in processes that apply adhesive or grease to electronic parts, which require instant metered discharging of fluids with different viscosities.


Heishin's solutions have been adopted in pumps that are used in the cleaning of waste fluid and oil-water separation tanks, as well as for the conveyance of fluids of different properties, such as lubricants, polishing solutions, mold releasing agents, adhesives, and silicone resin. Heishin's solutions also contribute to higher work efficiency and cost saving in the application and filling processes for all kinds of sealants, adhesives, and grease.