Heishin's products have been adopted in processes that convey mold-releasing agents and apply sealers and liquid gaskets at automobile and automotive parts plants.

Heishin PC Pumps are introduced to convey fluids with different properties, such as lubricants, polishing solutions, mold-releasing agents, adhesives and silicone resin, as well as for cleaning waste fluid and oil-water separation tanks. The metered discharge device, Heishin Dispensers, contribute to improved work efficiency and cost saving in the application and filling processes for all kinds of sealants, adhesives, and grease.

  • Wheel moldsare sprayed with mold-releasing agent
  • Engine blockshave liquid gaskets applied to the top surface and sides
  • Head coversare coated with a mixture of two-component curable liquid gasket
  • Hood, doors, and trunk lidare coated with damper materials and steel sheet stiffeners

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