Rechargeable lithium-ion battery manufacturing requires high-viscosity fluids, such as positive/negative-electrode materials, and high-concentration slurries, to be conveyed in a non-pulsating, metered flow. Heishin's solutions are used in demanding processes such as those that supply coating fluid to the coater.

Precision supply of electrode materials provides even application thickness

Heishin's products offer non-pulsating, metered supply of high-concentration slurries regardless of their viscosity, helping to provide an even coating with precision. The adjustment of discharge volume is easily and extensively done by controlling the rotational speed.

Powerful suction under high-vacuum conditions

Suction produced by the rotor and stator powerfully draws in high-viscosity fluids and high-concentration slurries under high-vacuum conditions for metered conveyance.

Improved uniformity in slurries

Non-pulsating, metered supply of fluid materials to the disperser improves particle disperser effect. Flow rate can also be easily controlled to suit the disperser's capacity.

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