Electronic and Electrical EquipmentHeat-dissipating silicone in wide bands

Applying heat-dissipating silicone in wide bands using a flat nozzle

Existing issues

Thermal-conductive silicone grease (heat-dissipating silicone) is used to dissipate heat in electrical parts.
Previously, the heat-dissipating silicone was applied in a line and was spread by placing another part on it. The existing application system had an accuracy that was so low that if there was not enough silicone applied, the required heat-dissipating effect could not be provided, resulting in a defective product. To prevent product losses, the customer was forced to use more silicone than needed, but inevitably an amount of the expensive material was wasted as it was squeezed out from between the parts.
Ideally, in order to ensure the attachment of the heat-dissipating silicone to the electrical parts, it should be applied in a wide band instead of a line. However, a flat nozzle has greater pressure loss, which means that with the existing equipment it requires more time to press the high-viscosity material to the surface, which leads to extended takt time.


Heishin Dispenser HD 3HD025G30, which supports high-viscosity, heat-dissipating silicone, was adopted.

Benefits from the improvement

  • Instant high-pressure discharge allows for application using a flat nozzle, which realizes application in wide bands over short periods of time.
  • Application shape is stable thanks to good fluid control provided by instant dispenser reversal after application.
  • Design is based on the working principle of the progressing cavity pump, which has good metering performance. The amount applied is stabilized, realizing both a reduction in material losses and an improvement in quality.

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