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Applying high-viscosity adhesive in a super-fine line to smartphone bodies

Existing issues

The new requirement asked for the application of an adhesive to smartphone bodies in a bead line with a line width of 1.0 mm or below.
However, due to the high viscosity of the adhesive, attaching a thin needle to the existing equipment extended the application time as a result of pressure loss.
In addition, the unstable bead line required frequent adjustment of the application amount, which caused losses from extra time taken. To top that, if the customer used a two-component adhesive, the mixing ratio of the base compound and curing agent could not be maintained consistently, which could compromise the proper curing of the adhesive.


Heishin Dispenser 3HD025G30, which supports fluids with viscosity over 500000 mPa・s, was adopted.

Benefits from the improvement

  • Application time was greatly reduced by faster discharge even with a thin needle.
  • Discharge volume is adjustable simply by controlling the rotation of the servo motor, contributing to reducing adjustment time and material loss.
  • When using a two-component adhesive, because the base compound and curing agent can be independently adjusted to their optimal discharge volumes, accurate mixing is ensured prior to application for consistent quality.

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