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Precision, stable application of solder paste by building a Heishin Dispenser HD into the component mounter

Existing issues

The customer applies solder paste to install electronic parts, but had the following issues that affected consistent product quality and yield:

  1. Depending on the production lot and when the viscosity of the solder paste changed with temperature, the amount applied varied and resulted in failed soldering.
  2. The application amount was particularly unstable when beginning operation to the point that initial products had to be thrown out.


Heishin Dispenser 3HD010G30, which can stably discharge fluid without being affected by conditional changes, was built into the component mounter.

Benefits from the improvement

  • Stable application is realized regardless of any change in the viscosity of the solder paste thanks to the working principle of the progressing cavity pump that can discharge fluid in metered flow.
  • The error in the amount applied was reduced to below 1/10, which significantly reduced solder failures.
  • There is now hardly any need to throw out products, which has led to improved yield.
  • The no-drip design keeps the boards and mounter clean, saving the workers from extra work, including wiping.

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