FoodGratin sauce with macaroni

Macaroni and gratin sauce are supplied simultaneously and accurately without crushing the macaroni

Existing issues

In introducing a new filling line for gratin sauce with macaroni, the customer initially planned on having separate filling processes for macaroni and sauce in order to prevent the macaroni from being crushed.
However, if a combined supply of macaroni and gratin sauce could be performed accurately, man-hours and space required for equipment installation could be reduced.


By adopting the Heishin PC Pump and Heishin JAST Valve with a diameter large enough to pass individual pieces of macaroni without crushing them, the customer was able to produce a combined supply of macaroni and sauce with good accuracy.

Benefits from the improvement

Man-hours and space required for equipment installation were reduced by being able to supply macaroni and sauce in a single process.

Flow chart

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