FoodMiso paste

Task standardization and the prevention of foreign matter contamination realized by extracting miso paste from airtight tanks

Existing issues

Previously, the customer's experienced staff transferred miso paste to cardboard containers from the tanks using shovels. This manual task had the following issues:

  1. Unless the worker was experienced, the transfer process took too much time.
  2. There was a risk of foreign matter mixing into the miso.
  3. The task itself was physically burdensome.


The process of extracting miso paste from the 1-ton tank and filling the containers was automated by introducing a Heishin Drum Pump System in combination with a Heishin JAST Valve.

Benefits from the improvement

  • The airtight production line enabled the customer to prevent foreign matter contamination and increase the speed of the filling process.
  • The automation of the filling process relieved the staff of heavy physical labor and allowed anyone to perform the task.

Flow chart

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