FoodFish eggs

Metered filling without crushing the fish eggs enables automation and a reduction in the loss of materials

Existing issues

The existing pumps had the following problems:

  1. The fill volume was not consistent due to the lack of self-suction, resulting in varied amounts in the products.
  2. Manpower was used to adjust the fill volume, but this adjustment was labor intensive.
  3. Time taken by the adjustment process and associated human error brought reduced yields and loss of materials.
  4. Loss of materials from crushed fish eggs occurred.


Heishin PC Pump NVL, which features a self-suction supply pump, and Heishin PC Pump NHLS, which can reliably discharge fish eggs in the filling process, were adopted.

Benefits from the improvement

  • Metered flow of fish eggs provides stable discharge volume, making the product amounts consistent.
  • Crushed fish eggs and errors in fill volume adjustment were eradicated, producing better yields.
  • Automation enabled anyone to perform the task.

Flow chart

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