ApplicationsElectrical machinery

Heishin offers excellent maintainability and wear resistance
that meet the high demands of the electric and electronics industry,
contributing to significant productivity improvements.

Heishin PC Pumps are capable of conveying high-viscosity fluids like positive/negative electrode materials as well as high-concentration slurries, and of supplying coating fluid to coaters at rechargeable lithium-ion battery production sites. In addition, Heishin Dispensers contribute to improved takt time and quality in the application of adhesives and grease to electronic parts. For more information on Heishin Dispensers, click here.

  • Non-pulsating, metered supply of electrode slurry to coaters
  • Metered application of silicone resin to electronic substrates
  • Minute application of metal paste to electronic substrates
  • Minute application of heat-dissipating agent to PCBs

Case Study

  • Heishin Dispenser site
  • Heishin pc pump site

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