One-of-a-kind, high-performance products for solving difficult challenges

Heishin PC Pumps provide the power and high precision to instantly solve problems associated with conventional pumps such as the inability to convey high-viscosity materials, crushing of solids in fluid, deterioration of fluid during conveyance, erratic discharge volume, and poor controllability.

Heishin PC Pumps utilize unique sealed chambers that create powerful suction to provide conveyance power in another league to that offered by conventional pumps.

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Heishin PC Pump

Heishin PC Pump

From watery fluids to high-viscosity fluids, Heishin's pumps can convey fluids of different properties in a metered flow without pulsation. Our products support a wide range of requirements, including small to large capacities, low to high pressures, and acidic to alkaline fluids.